That moment when you can sigh with relief

…because you were able to get ALL of your dining reservations you wanted.

My 180 days opened this morning. My alarm went off at 5:30, and I excitedly got out of bed (which quite frankly will NEVER happen again that early in the morning, unless it’s attached to leaving for my trip). Fired up my laptop, opened all of my browsers, and plugged in my dates. And:

8/28: Breakfast at TH (though not quite at that magical changeover time, we may be able to stall to get it, it’s at 9:45)

8/29 Fantasmic Dinner package at MM

8/30 late breakfast at 1900 PF, dinner at Skipper Canteen (MK has evening EMH, so we are taking a late start to our day)

8/31: No reservations as F&W starts and we plan to “eat around the world” DD 16 is my travel partner, so she’s excited about a “snack only” food day. If we need to, we will grab QS at EP or go to DS.

9/1 Lunch BOG, waiting to see if MNSSHP is announced. Park hours are listed as closing at 7, and the latest dinner res avail is 5:20 right now. Hoping for a later dinner, I think that is too early after a late lunch.

8/27 is our arrival day, so no res made yet but thinking about DS.

9/2 is our depart day. Going to call Senses and schedule a massage in the mid morning and snack our way through that one.

Whew. Now to work on TPs!


So glad you got what you wanted! It’s not so bad here getting reservations, our time is 12 noon, so no getting up too early :wink:
I think booking the ADR’s is the hardest bit! Once you have them it seems much easier to do the FP’s and plans! I hate having to wait for the special event dates to come out though, I will be waiting for MNSSHP dates too :wink:

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Ugh I am also waiting on the MNSSHP schedule. I’ll be there the week before you and MK is scheduled to close at 7 on Aug 25! Seems very early for Halloween and we were hoping to end our trip with MK fireworks. Have a couple dining reservations booked at the moment and will drop the ones we don’t need once we see what’s going on. Glad you got all you wanted!

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This could be due to a private event. Definitely keep an eye on the schedule, but I don’t recall seeing a situation where an early close time like this was ever changed.

I’m watching similar days, Aug 24-30 for us. The 7 pm MK closing on Friday Aug 25 does seem oddly early for the Halloween party. It’s also 7 pm on Tuesday Aug 29, which feels a bit more in line with what I expect would be the first day.

I kind of like watching things change and reacting to the changes over the 6 months leading up to a trip. Makes life interesting!

Sounds like a great start to the trip…Ragland Road might be a good choice for that first night…:grinning:


I will definitely keep an eye on it. Part of me is hoping it is something like a private event so I won’t even have the option of going. If it is MNSSHP I’m going to very tempted to spend the money for all of us to check it out! :wink:

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Me too.

I agree…great start to the holiday :grinning:

Trying to convince Picky McTeenager to a Raglan Road reservation for arrival day, even if we just do apps and dessert!

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Picky McTeenager! Love that :joy: I’ve got one of those!

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I feel your pain!!

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