Thanksgiving week vs. week from Xmas to NYE

I know the answer is avoid them both, but if you had to chose one of these weeks, which would you chose and why? Though we go regularly, we’ve never been during either of these weeks.
Of note, we’ll be a group of 11 (9-84 years) with 2 ECVs and 3-4 DAS individuals. Four have never been, four go regularly, and 3 visited several decades ago. I’ve been designated as the family planner!
We’ll likely stay at the B Resort because they have bunk bed rooms. My family has always stayed on property so any feedback about staying in Disney Springs is also appreciated.

I would generally say to go Thanksgiving but I believe with APRs Christmas was not as challenging last year as other years?

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We planned a Thanksgiving week trip barely 60 days out back in 2017 with 7 extended family, 13 to 81 and the same sort of mix - 4 regulars and 3 barely been.

We were at a vrbo that was a solid 30 - 40 minutes away. That drive was the worst part of our week stay. We did park hoppers I’m sure tho I’ve no recollection of details except I remember I got most of the ADRs we were interested in.

I would consider another Thanksgiving week trip tho I would plan for experiences that didn’t require lines maybe a little more than rides if you mind waiting in line. I do recall I was chilly one evening and bought a scarf to keep my neck warm.

The next year 5 of us did a split stay that included the Doubletree which is maybe the resort next to B Resort. I’d highly recommend not depending on their shuttle to the parks. The walkway from Disney Springs is ok but for me - more like 30 minutes. I’m slow.

You can have a great time. You won’t be in the bubble. We did not miss Disney theming in the resort. We did miss Disney transportation.

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