Thanksgiving Week park hour changes?

I have checked the historical calendars, and it seems typical that MK opens an hour earlier at 8:00 AM during Thanksgiving Week. AK too. Well my trip is just 16 days away now, and WDW (and TP) are both still listing 9:00 openings.

I’ve read the old blog article about changes to park hours, but it’s not helping me in this case…

@len, and others, do you think we can count on 8:00 AM at MK that week? I’ve been really looking forward to the early morning touring!!

I just wish at WDW they’d go ahead and post the times.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


I did not know this! I need to know too!

Watching this thread as well. Right now official word is 9am except for EMH at 8am on T’giving Day. That’s what my plans reflect, but if there is going to be anything different, I would love to know.

Hi, @JonMcIntosh and @smiles7618

So, on the historical crowd calendars from the last two years that I checked on Touring Plans, from the Sunday before Thanksgiving, running everyday through Thanksgiving, the MK opened at 8 AM for all and AK did too. So that put EMH at 7 AM. This was one of the things I was hoping for on my upcoming trip…

And a few weeks ago, the calendars at had the times predicted as 8 AM openings, to match last year’s hours.

BUT! Still no changes posted by Disney, and now has gotten rid of those predictions and just lists the regular park hours.

So I have NO IDEA if WDW will make those opening hours earlier at the last minute or not!! I really hope so!! But we also need to pay attention, because you don’t want to show up at 9 thinking you’re making rope drop and find out that an hour’s worth of people are in front of you.

So I’ll keep us posted here, and we’ll see what happens!

Thanks for the update and for keeping us posted!

updated hours now online mk and ak opening 1 hr earlier

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Happy dance, happy dance, woo hoo!!!

The TPs have been updated to show the 8am opening but the Welcome Show still says 8:40 so it won’t evaluate taking this time in to account. Can that be changed? @Len and @LaurelStewart Thanks.

Thanksgiving Day? I just checked and we have it at 7:50AM.

Updated the 28th and 29th for the 8AM opening.

I am looking at Sat the 22nd. Thanks @LaurelStewart

Will FPP for A&E or 7dmt become available for that hour?

the 22nd was already correct - 7:50.