Thanksgiving week Extra Magic Hours Sunday, November 24th Magic Kingdom?

Any idea why Touring Plans is predicting Extra Magic Hours for Magic Kingdom on November 24th, a Sunday? This doesn’t fit with the upcoming fall pattern of having Magic Kingdom Extra Magic hours on Wednesday and Friday mornings. There weren’t any Sunday Magic Kingdom Extra Magic Hours Thanksgiving week last year either.

Was planning on MK this day but don’t want to risk a potential 7 AM EMH, seems unlikely though.

Last year they had EMM on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, maybe TP meant to put that, but accidentally did EMH?

Maybe … it is also very strange that Disney is having a Christmas party that night. They have not historically had one on that Sunday before Thanksgiving.

Disney has announced a party that night, tickets are on sale.

Thanks but I am trying to figure out why touring plans has extra magic hours forecast that morning. It fits no pattern. I can see there is a Christmas party that night.

Last year there was a full week of November left after Thanksgiving, this year there is not, maybe that’s contributing to the wonkiness.