Thanksgiving meal

I booked a Fantasmic Lunch Package @ Hollywood Brown Derby on Thanksgiving Day. When I called the Disney dining #,they said it is the regular menu not a Thanksgiving meal. They said the traditional Thanksgiving meal is only offered at dinner. Is this correct? Will it change? Thank you!

Well if you called Disney Dinning they would know. There are many venues for the Holidays. Spendy but if your into it ask Disney Dinning what’s available for Thanksgiving and book accordingly.

When you call the Disney line your call is forwarded to a “call center”. It has been well over a year since any information you receive by calling can be depended upon.

I found this info and it seems as if it infers all day. I thought full menu was available in addition to Thanksgiving dinner? The full menu is a much better value but I am confident that HBD would have great offerings. I have never been disappointed in a meal there! Enjoy!

Thank you!