Thanksgiving Dining: Epcot or AK

We were planning on having Thanksgiving dinner at Biergarten at Epcot. I’m worried, though, that Epcot will be so crazy busy that we won’t have as great a time as we’d like.

AK has the lowest crowd level that day, so I thought maybe switching to dinner at Tusker House might be an option.

Does anyone have thoughts/comparisons on either of those two…especially as it might relate to Thanksgiving day?

We went to Epcot for Thanksgiving in 2013, and it was crowded but it really didn’t seem that bad. We used a TP and got a fair bit done, ate a late lunch at akershus and generally had a wonderful day. We’re going back to Epcot for thanksgiving day this year.

I’ve never been to AK on a holiday, so I don’t know about how the crowds would “feel” if that makes sense. Tusker house is great. And I love the atmosphere at AK but it also closes earlier. There is plenty to enjoy at both Epcot and AK if wait times for rides get to high. I think you should just go to whatever park you want to see that day. Everything is going to be crowded. Make a touring plan and adjust your expectations, and you’ll have a great time.

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