Thanksgiving day

I know it will be crowded but has anyone ever gone on thanksgiving day? I have went on the weekend following thanksgiving before ( years ago ) I remember black friday was super crowded but I have never been on actual thanksgiving. It might be our only time to be able to go to see the holiday decorations.

We will be there as well on Thanksgiving. I’m following along as I’d love to hear replies. Are you doing a Thanksgiving meal there?

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I have not thought that far ahead yet. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because I love the food. How bout you? any suggestions?

I will be there on Thanksgiving Day as well. We are having dinner in HS at H&V for Minnie’s Holiday Dine.

Are you referring to WDW? I am talking about Disneyland CA

Oops… sorry, I was thinking this was WDW.

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no worries :slight_smile: