Thanksgiving Day menus

Does anyone know which restaurants offer Thanksgiving Day dinners, even if their normal specialty is not typically considered “Thanksgiving fare.” For example, would Cape May Cafe still have seafood options available Thanksgiving Day? Or would Ohana’s have their normal menu items? Thanks for your help!

I have a Thanksgiving Day reservation at California Grill that displays as such. Curious as to how good it will be.

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We haven’t been to California Grill. Hope you enjoy your trip. Anxious to hear other responses.

Here is the list of restaurants that had turkey offerings last year.

I’m sure if you have turkey and the fixings at CG they will be great. We had dinner there last year and the food was really good.

I think the restaurants still have their normal menus and just have an added Thanksgiving option.

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Thank you for this link. Good to know!

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