Thanksgiving 2021 of Spring Break 2022?

Due to soo many reasons, our WDW trip I thought we’d do in Oct, 2020 is getting pushed (we have several other vacations planned instead). I will have a 7 year old and 12 year old. Our last trip was Thanksgiving 2015 and we loved, but parks have gotten way more crowded. Planning a split stay using DVC points (if successful) at BLT and AKL. I love idea of xmas decorations but not at capacity parks. Our spring break is typically 3rd week in March. Worried about 50th anniversary crowds but also like idea of expanded park hours. I think everything but Guardians will be open by Thanksgiving 2021. Thoughts? We won’t likely be back to WDW (maybe a DLR trip but that’s it).

I’d guess that weather and crowds will be similar those weeks.

We went mid-late March for our last two whole-family trips (2017 and 2019). We’ve also been the Wed before-Wed of Thanksgiving week and the week after Thanksgiving arriving the Sat after Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving week has Christmas decorations and MVMCP. And sooner is better in my book.

We went to WDW on Thanksgiving 2019 and it was not that bad. I really felt the crowds after 3 pm and at Disney Springs. But we made sure to be at the parks by rope drop and out of there by 6 pm.

Thanks! That schedule works for us -

I went Thanksgiving 2019 as well and found the crowds overwhelming. I was comparing it to 2014 and 15. But if you want to see some data check the historical CL on TP.

We’ve gone the week leading up to Thanksgiving the last two years and also spring break (usually first week of April) the last 3. Crowds were bearable due to cooler weather but only for Sat-Mon before Thanksgiving. After that, it was madness after lunch time. My vote is for March since I don’t think it will be as bad. Difference may be slight though.

Hmmm. Lots to think about. I’ll look a little more closely at late March. It might just be good only if to put some distance between Tron opening and 50th celebration. I really wanted to do EMM Fantasylsnd and wonder if those will cease completely after Tron. EMM Toy Story is defunct for foreseeable future at HS-who knows if it will ever return.

I was there the same week and I didn’t think it was that bad. Only once did it feel crowded, and that was when we went to Disney Springs.