Thanksgiving 2019 versus Thanksgiving historically

I couldn’t help but notice this:
Over the years, we have always had awesome luck going to WDW MK the Saturday after thanksgiving.
Historically, that day showed crowd levels of 8, 7 and even 6! Some of our BEST TRIPS were on those Saturday’s because the crowds were minimal! I never understood it other than maybe people had spent their entire Thanksgiving break at WDW and on Saturday, they were done and heading home…?
Now when I check the crowd calendar for the Saturday after Thanksgiving 2019, they all show a level 10. Kind of making me rethink heading down for that one day (My in laws live near Orlando so it’d just be a day-trip).
What’s different this year to cause the predicted spike in crowds for the Saturday after Thanksgiving 2019 (November 30th)?

Maybe due to the chance that the new Star Wars land will be open. I was thinking on getting an AP during our May trip, but decided to wait a couple of years when the excitement dies down. If I go anywhere in late 2019 or 2020 it would be Universal. Thinking those parks may be less crowded at that time.

Maybe some people are extending the trip or postponing it a little? We took a trip the same week you’re talking about just last year. After we arrived on Saturday we did DS, and yeah it was pretty busy (went back Monday morning and the difference was noticeable). Parks on Sunday and Monday were busy but not terrible. The rest of the week after that was cake, though. :slight_smile:

Your assessment doesn’t make sense though. I am looking at historical data, and TP doesn’t assume people will extend their vacation for no reason. Robinlandry’s assessment makes much more sense. I have been out of the “Disney Parks” game for a while so I wasn’t keeping up with when Star Wars land would open, but that must be the reason.
I have never been to Universal but my wife has.
I have not purchases a TP subscription for Universal, but does TP offer a detailed crowd report for Universal like they do for WDW?

Yeah I really have no idea was just guessing :slight_smile: I never thought of it as an “assessment” just a wild guess :smile: