Thanksgiving '18 Touring Plans

I’m just starting to plan our Thanksgiving trip. While I’ve used the TP site for our past 3 trips for the crowd calendar and lines app, I feel like this time I really need to make actual TPs due to the high crowds (stick to the plan!). We will be staying on-site.

My question is… for high crowd days, what is the best strategy?

Should we rope drop EMHs then switch parks? If so, which park should I book FPs for?

I have mid-day meals planned at resorts so that we’re out of the parks during crazy busy times and can enjoy Christmas decorations at the resorts. Then maybe return to parks in the evening?

Also, I’ve been trying hard for EMM on 11/25 but it’s either sold out or booking is closed. Any ideas on this one? I wouldn’t have thought it was sold out so soon since I’ve been checking for weeks.

What I’ve got booked so far is as follows, so any suggestions based on this would be extremely appreciated!

Wed (11/21):
8:00 BOG Breakfast
4:00 Hoop-Dee-Doo Review

Thurs (11/22):
12:20 Garden Grill lunch (would like to move this either later or to breakfast since we enjoy breakfast more… but it is what it is right now)

Fri (11/23):
11:20 O’hana breakfast

Sat (11/24):
2:45 Sanaa Lunch

Sun (11/25):
No plans. Hopeful for EMM.

I like to RD for EMH - as far as PH, it depends on what your priorities are & which parks you want to go to and how much you want to do in each park.
I make a couple of test personalized touring plans to get an idea of the wait times.
I would put in the rides that I want to do first & see what times it gives you - if the waits are reasonable, then hold onto your FPP for a park later in the day.
That being said - if you want to do SDD, you are probably going to have to take a late afternoon early evening FPP for it. FoP in AK is still hard to get also - the later in your trip these days are the better shot of getting a FPP.

Thanks for the tip to test out several scenarios! I will definitely do that.

FOP is out for us after my DD8 screamed like she was being murdered through the entire ride… twice.

And I was hoping to RD the Toy Story rides since there’s nothing else we wanted to use FPs for in that park.

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There is no denying that if you can use EMH you can get a lot done. We hit a 7 am EMH on our recent trip and between 7-10 we pretty much covered our entire plan for the day. On crazy high crowd days, this is essential I think. As far as FPP go, I usually use them on my first park and plan lower demand rides at second park. UNLESS there is something you really want at park #2. Truth is, if you are there at RD, you can get a couple headliners done w/o the need for FPP. But, every family has different touring styles. You have to pick one that works for you.

You are already on a good plan. Get out of the parks between 11 or 12 and 3 or 4 during insane busy times…

Good luck!

I would do this, yes, and book FPP for the second park since there are no FPP in EMH and since you won’t need them that early even if they existed.

That would be ideal!

Did you call? I wonder if it’s open yet? I haven’t checked, so maybe you know better.

Delicious dining plans you have there!

Thanks guys/gals!!

Yes, I’ve called and checked obsessively. From what I can tell, booking was briefly open and then closed again. Fingers crossed! The PPO BOG breakfast is our fallback plan even though I’ve heard it’s not very good (truth be told, we’ve done the dinner twice and I’m over it).

Anything else to consider for super high crowd days?

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Unrelated to your question, and re: username: my DD14 is Julia and we call her juju :heart: You and me are besties now.

It’s a good name :slight_smile: My Juju is 8 and this will be our AP year starting in September. We went when she was 2, 5, and last January. The bonding time in January was worth every penny so we’re splurging on APs before the tweenage aliens take her away. Trips planned for Sept, Thanksgiving, end of January, and May!


Crazy, I know - but our Juju went at 2, 5, and 8 (and then nearly every year since LOL)