Thanks and help!

So I discovered this forum about 6 months ago and man it is fantastic. I love all of the trip reports and the info is always amazing. I need some help.

We are booked for 8/20-8/28. Family of four and three of us are vaxed but my son is too young to get it. Florida is a hot mess of COVID right now. Not sure we are comfortable taking him unvaxed at current levels of infection in Florida. (We are in PA.)

We are considering moving the trip to Thanksgiving week. Basically Tuesday of Thanksgiving week through the Tuesday after. I realize with the 50th things are going to be busy and who know what the parks will look like by then with FP, etc.

My question is: for those of you who have been that week, is it insanity or not terrible crowd wise? Any advice you can give about what days are better or worse would be helpful.

Whenever my trip happens I will do my best to do a live trip report!


That is one of the busiest weeks of the year. It can be done, but I would pack your patience and lower your expectations in terms of what you will be able to accomplish.

I do wonder, too, if you’d even be able to get a room; I know inventory was getting pretty tight. Although with POFQ and POR opening that might have helped loosen things up some.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, rooms are tight but with PO opening we have a few not terrible options. We have always gone in low crowd times (May usually) so not looking forward to the crowds. Wish I knew what the FP sitch would be.


I absolutely would not move to Thanksgiving week. You’ll have a much better and less crowded experience with your current dates.

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In 2018, I was in WDW from the Saturday after Thanksgiving until the following Thursday.

Crowded means different things to different people, but here was my assessment.

Saturday was very, very crowded. Sunday was ok, medium crowds. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were relatively light crowds.


I was looking at the crowd calendar for the last few years and this is consistent with what you observed. The crowds disperse relatively quickly after 9s or 10s on Thanksgiving and Black Friday. By Sunday it was down 3 or 4 each year, and the following week stayed down in that range.


Thanks for the info. Our Thanksgiving week will be the day before Thanksgiving until the following Wednesday. So it looks like first 3-4 days will be crazy, then last 4 will be much better. We can roll with that. Busy Disney is better than no Disney!


That’s when I usually go. Crowds really thin out Sunday and make for a perfect week.

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I feel you! Not to influence, but we ended up moving our Sept trip as well. It was VERY slim pickings on resort rooms, so beware of that.

Yeah, we just booked. It was slim pickings! We are doing a split stay and trying POR Riverside for the first half and Boardwalk Villas for second half. Never stayed at either.

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