Thank You!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone. Our first trip will be March 2015. The trip of a lifetime. It will probably be our last also since we live in California and we are 65 and over. But…thanks to the Unofficial Guide I ended up here and I have learned so much reading and reading. I now have the lines app on my phone, all ADR made including Cinderella’s Table and BOG for dinner. Tickets are ordered and got a great price using the ticket locator on here.
This trip is super important since it is also our Grand daughter’s birthday. She will be 11 and has had a long fight with a rare illness that will never go away but is now controlled enough that we feel comfortable being clear across the country for 10 days with her. We are going all out and staying at BC. So very excited and grateful for all the help. DW is nothing like DL where you can just show up without a lot of planning. I knew nothing to start with and now I feel like I have learned enough to make this the trip of a lifetime for our family. Could not have done this without all the posts and replies from others. Thanks again


Wow! Loved reading this @Gigikay! So glad that you’ve had such a positive experience here! You’ll find it to be a great community full of knowledgeable and friendly people. If you need anything, just ask! :smile:

Pixie dust and prayers for your grand daughter! What a wonderful birthday it will be!

Welcome aboard!

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Thank you for posting! It sounds like you have a great trip planned! Remember, we will be here in case you decide to add or change anything ( we always do!). :smile:

Sounds like an amazing trip for your family!

Have a wonderful trip @Gigikay! Stick around, you never know when you’ll learn something new for march 2015! And the place wouldn’t be the same without you!!

Thanks everyone. I plan to stick around!!! I know I will be learning even more!!!

Any questions until then my friend?

Your granddaughter is lucky to have you to much such thoughtful plans for her. Your trip will be great, though it probably won’t go exactly as planned. Nothing ever does, but your preparations will help get the most out of the experience. Can’t wait to hear how it goes.