Thank you Touring Plans

Just back from the vacation of a lifetime.

Thank you touring plans and the touring plans community for all your help and amazing advice. FWIW here is a glimpse of our awesome stay.

Dowdles Florida Highlights 2014


Wonderful. What a memory. Great job.

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Outstanding!!! Thanks for sharing. You truly captured the Disney Magic.

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That was so adorable! What a great keepsake from your trip! Your DS with Woody and Mickey, and your DD with Chip and Dale were pixie dust moments!! Too sweet! Thanks for sharing!

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That was so precious! It made me smile. Beautiful job. Thanks for sharing.

omg. awesome. i seriously just teared up! what did you shoot this on @wdowdles ? we have to capture our trip now on video!

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Thanks for the kind words, we really had an awesome vacation and the help from the touring plan community was invaluable. :smile:

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@Quattro4 the camera a used on vacation was just a little point and shoot stills camera from Sony, the RX100. It also happens to have a video mode. So in-between grabbing stills I was switching to video mode to get a few clips.

Mode details here from Sony

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What an excellent video! Looks like you guys had a great trip. What software did you use to edit the footage?

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I edited the video with Adobe Premiere but to be honest most editing software will achieve the same outcome as it’s all just straight cuts and adding a little music.


Fantastic video! Thanks for posting!

I think I want this camera now. TFS :smile: