Thank you, Reservation Finder!

Today I was able to get a reservation for me, my daughter and my toddler at CRT for breakfast on one of our MK days this September!

Thank you, Reservation Finder!


I got Ohana for my first night after a few tries - RF sent the text and I’d go running but would just miss it. Finally got it, and at the perfect time! LOVE the reservation finder!


Unfortunately I was not so lucky with CRT. I got the notification for our trip the week after thanksgiving. I was on the site in less than a minute and it was already gone. Does anybody have any suggestions? I am also looking for Akershus reservation the same week. Nothing yet.

Reactivate it and wait. Sometimes it will take a few attempts before you get lucky. If you’re in the US do you have the text set up? Don’t worry if not , I managed to get several I needed with just emails (I’m in the UK, so no text option). Good luck.

Just wanted to add, while I love reservation finder make sure you also check on your own using a different party size. I found exactly what I wanted as a party of 4 by checking myself (res finder set to 2 people). Then once you book you can modify down to however many you need

If I got it for 2 can i modify it up?

I believe it only works modifying down

Experimented with it yesterday using next week as a hypothetical trip. No way to determine the accuracy, but within a few hours I was alerted to an open party of 3 BoG lunch reservation being available.

Thank you, Touring Plans Reservation Finder! Due to our first family trip happening at the holidays and with Candlelight Processional in Epcot, I could not get reservations for an Akershus breakfast at our 180 day mark. I kept trying myself with no luck but put in a request with Reservation Finder and around 3am EST this morning, my phone buzzed. Lucky for me, I heard it and hopped right online! As this Akershus breakfast is the only character meal we are planning to do, and actually the only TS restaurant, it was incredibly high on our list of priorities for our party of 10 (5 Princess-loving kiddos included!). I really cannot thank you enough for this service! :heart:

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I’m trying to find one for a restaurant. It finds me 505 (too early) or 645 (too late). I wonder how i can get one for somtime in between.