Thank You Liners!

For all of you on this forum, thank you so much for all the tips!

For all the planners who live with oblivious families who wonder why you only got 3 fastpasses a day, and do not understand how hard you worked for FOP, SDD, SDMT, and TT or Soarin’ or Frozen. Thanks!

For all of you who post trip reports with unusual experiences in them to give us new ideas, thanks!

You all helped make an unexpectedly crowded october vacation excellent!
Knew crowds have been growing, but never expected to see all big rides between 100 and 150 minutes every day.

This forum has lots of tips, information, and humor!
Can’t wait to start planning the next trip to stay up to date with the forum!


On behalf of myself and the many liners out here, your so very welcome. This is what this blog is all about. Hope you all have a Magical Vacation.