Thank you EVERYONE!

We leave tomorrow for our first trip to WDW, and after a year of planning and asking lots of silly questions, I feel, I just about know what I am doing. This forum has been invaluable and I wanted to say thank you to all those who took the time out of their busy days to answer my first timer questions.
Wish us luck and here’s hoping for some sunshine !!


I hope you have a great time!

Have fun!!

Enjoy your trip!

Have a great trip!!

You will have so much fun!!! I am so jealous. Now just sit back and enjoy after all the hard work planning!!

Have a wonderful time - remember to add some spontaneity as well!!

Have a fantastic time! Let us know if you get a minute, how you’re doing. :slight_smile:

Hope your first WDW holiday is as magical as ours was. Remember you can still ask questions whilst you’re there if need be.

You know, I’m up for adoption. We can even get it fast tracked!

I know you’ll have a great time and you will make some great memories. Have fun!

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I hope you have a Magical time. Remember the Story of Jack and the Bean Stock? Well on my first trip it was like that many years ago. I remember looking down Main Street USA for the first time and seeing the Cinderella Castle. It was like climbing the bean stalk and upon breaking through the cloud I spied that Castle and all it’s Glory. You know they say Disney World is for the Kids. I don’t think so. Adults seem to get the biggest surprise finding themselves in a land you only dream of. Say Hi to Tink for us. We will be back for the 12th time in March 2018. DocHopper

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