Thank you everyone

Just wanted to Thank you all for your help. We are on our last two days and the help provided here was invaluable to a successful plan. From what to bring, to what to see, where to eat, and help with touring plans, we had a great time.

I will say though that for others going soon that you really can’t take the wait times on here S gospel. Be prepared to deviate. Or add in extra time at parts of your day. Most rides were quite a bit longer wait times than plans suggested. I ended up blowing off most of my MK plan after our round of 3 FP was done and just kept booking FP one after the other for stuff we wanted. I was lucky in that we had great luck in getting FP for just about everything we wanted in MK. EXCEPT mine train. we blew it off after it was shut down for two hours first thing in morning. We couldn’t include it after that as the wait times were close to 2 hours. Not for a two minute ride. Not for us.

One other comment. I highly suggest re thinking Peter Pan. I have no idea why it’s so popular. It’s extremely short and really not even close to worth the wait. It’s like lemmings. People Blindly following along cuz it’s highly wanted. But it’s, IMHO, not worth the wait if u don’t have FP and not worth wasting a FP on. For family of 12,7 kids.

Anyway. Thanks to all you vets for your help.


I am glad you have had a great trip and bave found the adjustments that have made it work for you!