Thank you everyone, & Disney schedule/opening hours question

Thank you all for your help. I must have asked at least two dozen questions by now, and your responses have been brilliant. I’m happy with my rough plan, and no longer feel like I’m going round in circles. Still undecided about MVMCP, but I have time to think about it.

Just a few more questions please.

  1. Am I right in thinking Disney will only release their opening hours for Dec at the begining of June?
  2. At that time if it says the Star wars fireworks aren’t showing on a particular night, could they still be added later, or is that generally set in stone.
  3. Are the expected EMH on TP likely to change? Does Disney have a different EMH timetable for summer & winter? At the moment Disney & my predicted EMH days on TP are different.
  1. The TA calendar for December should be released mid-May, in advance of the 180+10 ADR window.

  2. I don’t specifically know about the Star Wars fireworks, but every WDW calendar is always labeled “subject to change”

  3. The predicted hours and EMH in the TP Crowd Calendar are just that, a prediction based on past experience. WDW is always tweaking things, so you never know. Also, the recent experiments in “paid for” extra hours may change the whole game if WDW determines that enough people are willing to pay for them.

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