Testing or proof of COVID infection required for US entry

“It’s not known to be true”. That’s much difference from “It’s not true.”

Exactly. Absence of evidence isn’t the same as evidence of absence.

That’s what I mean by CYA wording, you are just more tactful in describing their actions than I am. :wink:

And in response to the vaccinations alone being useless to prevent the new variants entering a country, here’s another quote from the second article.

For now, the CDC recommends that people not assume they are completely immune to infection after having been vaccinated.

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Has anyone read how readily available covid testing is in Brazil? I need to make sure some families are aware of this and we have some systems in place . Thanks

There is a liner currently living in Brazil? Do I remember that correctly? Is it @adusca?


CYA wording???

CDC I know, what’s CYA? And why would the U.K. spokesman be using it anyway?

Agreed. But these are rules coming in now to try and protect your country from an even worse situation than you’re in now. And I don’t mean in a derogatory way, it’s just a fact that these new variants are even more transmissible.

Come the Fall, then proof of vaccination might be OK on it’s own. Personally I’d still want a negative test too.

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Oh, I can’t say. It’s not nice, that’s why I used the acronym and why I said @ryan1 was more tactful than I. Which is generally true anyway.

They’re two different variants, not just one. And yes, almost certainly you’ll have it. One of the first cases of the U.K. variant was a Florida man who hadn’t travelled anywhere, nor had any of his close contacts. Which means he wasn’t the first person in Florida to have caught it.

Oh for the love of Disney. Look this is a new rule for travellers arriving in the US. Absolutely we may find that the vaccines are 100% effective at preventing transmission. Do you want to take the chance or would you rather be safe than sorry? The CDC are clearly taking my view here - we don’t know yet so we’ll not take any chances.

It feels like we’re having some deep debate about vaccines. You can if you want, I won’t disagree with you on much. But this argument started over the new rules.

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I think @adusca has been back in Germany for a few months now.


I’m assuming cover your arse.


Is most Brazilian cities covid tests (PCR and antigen) are available for a fee at drug stores. In some cities there are government orders forbidding people from getting then without medical orders, but that is atypical.

This fee typically has to be paid out of pocket and varies widely

I managed to get permission to spend a couple extra months in Brazil :partying_face:


I love that word as compared to our word. Brit slang is so much classier than US slang- maybe it’s the accent.:wink:


Oh I must have missed that! You have been a stranger recently!

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I really don’t think our slang is classy in any way but some of it is more colourful than yours! And most of our accents - mine very much included - are not very classy either.

Thank you! I have a bunch of students connecting daily from Brazil. Many families sent the children to stay with family when their grades went remote so the children would be safe and supervised.

I honestly cannot tell you how thankful I am for the detailed report @adusca. You have helped my team tremendously!



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Pshaw. All of you talk like you’re upstairs on Downton Abbey. :wink:


Very much in the ear of the beholder.

Manchester beats them all . . .

(sorry to anyone else :grin:)

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Only because it has happy memories attached for you!