Test Track?

My Dad can’t do the ride part of test track but would love to do the car building piece with my daughter. Is it possible for him to do that and then exit before the ride?

It’s always possible to wait in line and not ride. No issue. Will you daughter be old enough to ride alone (7) or have another adult with her?

She’ll be old enough to ride by herself but probably won’t want to. Do you think they would allow the adults to switch or would we all need fast passes?

Whomever enters the line would need a fastpass. Really the result you are looking for will only be accomplished if a second adult has a fastpass and rides with the child.

Thank you!

I really don’t want to use my fastpass for it…of course no one else is interested in planning so they don’t know about it…really it’s a question of am I a nice mom/daughter or not​:joy: One of the greatest parts of a Disney vacation for me is not driving my own car so to pick this over soarin :cry:

If you could talk your daughter into riding alone, you could save the fastpass for soarin. The two of them could enter the single rider line and do the design together. Then you father would just step out as your daughter loads.

I think that they would be together for design but I haven’t done that as a single rider so not 100% certain.

If I’m not mistaken, there is a design a car station in the “after show” area (as well as various things you can do with your design). If no one is interested in actually riding, you could go in through the gift shop and do the various activities in the exhibit area.


Both of those are such great suggestions that I would not have thought of! I’ll get my Dad and daughter fast passes and I’ll go through the single rider line to meet up…but will check the gift shop first and modify fastpasses if that is enough of a thrill😃Thank you so much!!!

If be carful with that. There’s no telling if you would reach the front at the same time and as a single rider they won’t let you necessarily ride with a specific person from the FP line.

Thank you for thinking of that!!! Will probably take our chances with the gift shop entry! Thanks again!