Test Track - Why The Hype?

I have been to WDW many times and never rode Test Track. I am planning a trip for this summer and saw that TP rates it as “not to be missed.” Curious, I just watched a video of the ride portion of the attraction. I must admit, I don’t get it. It appears to be a short ride through various simulations of testing followed by the fun part: about 20 seconds of high speed outside. I don’t see how it creates such high demand for those 20 seconds. (Or the 3 minutes for the whole ride.)

Am I missing anything or is this just a case of “different strokes for different folks?”

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I agree with you. But to many kids, it’s fun. Maybe it depends on what you do (or have done) in your life back home.

It’s one of those rare rides that, for just a second, will make your stomach flip like a gentle kiss from a new beau. :blush:


I mean it’s definitely not a state of the art attraction but being as close as you are to the ground, that 60 MPH feels much faster. It’s a fun little jolt of excitement.

Let’s see now, you get to go 65 mph in a car. Now you don’t get to do that every day, do you…

In other words, I don’t get the big appeal either.

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It’s an “I’ll do it if the single rider line is short” attraction for me. The build a car is kind of interesting - the first time anyway. The “new” version of the ride is even less inteersting than the old version was, and after driving to WDW in a convertible going 85, the 65 on a ride vehicle is kind of anticlimactic. I don’t hate it - or even “dislike” it - but it just isn’t a “must do” for me.

Love your way with words :grinning: Never rode it myself…but may give it a try now!

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We think it’s rubbish.

The old version was a lot better I thought, not sure why they changed it to it’s current form. I’m wondering if it’s so popular because of the lack of thrill rides at EP?

Most of us don’t go 60 MPH with no windshield and on a banked curve everyday. :wink:


I’m a speed demon (even in a convertible) and a roller coaster enthusiast who has been on the tallest & fastest coasters in the world many, many times and I still enjoy it. It’s worth the wait once per trip for my niece (who’s as big a daredevil as I am) and I. I like it for the entire attraction, car design --> ride --> using the designed car in the post-ride games. It’s also a nice break from the heat on a hot day, though I ALWAYS forget to put my sunglasses on and get blinded when we hit the outdoor track.

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It’s one of my boys’ favorites. They love designing their car and testing it out. They are all super competitive! plus the going fast part, of course :slight_smile:

It’s a fun ride, though maybe a little overrated because there just aren’t that many rides in Epcot. It’s definitely something I’d suggest people ride at least once. Going 65 miles per hour is faster than most roller coasters and whenever I ride there’s usually a kid in the car asking their parents if they can ride again, so it definitely has some appeal. It’s not my favorite ride in the park, and I’ll skip it if I arrive late and have to choose between Soarin or Test Track for FPP, but when I have time to see it Test Track is a fun addition to the day.

It’s either TT or Figment. In other words, there aren’t enough rides in EP to be picky

To me the hype is because it’s the only thrill ride at Epcot. Personally, I ride it a lot because my kids want me to, but the G-forces give me a headache everytime.