Test Track wait times right after rope drop

We are going to EPCOT on June 17th, the first day Soarin’ reopens (total coicidence and couldn’t be happier!).

I was able to get 9:30am FP+ to Soarin’ for my group so we will be one of the first to be able to ride the new version! But I was forced to give up my FP for Test Track so that I could trade for Soarin.

My plan is racing to Test Track right at RD. Touring Plan software has me getting to TT at 9:07am and then an 18 minutes wait time in the standby line. I have a hard time believing this. We will be close to the first ones through the turnstile and walk quickly to TT. I would think that 9:05am would be the latest I’ll get there and I would think the wait time would be less than 18 minutes. Thoughts?

I’ve gotten there at 9:30 and saw a 50 min wait - that quickly went up to 70, so 18 may not be that far off. You have to realize that a LOT of people are doing the same thing. Also realize that TP considers the wait based on when you enter the ride vehicle, so the pre-show/car design portion is included in the 18 min.

Also, TT is notorious for being late to start operations. If for some reason it’s not running until 9:15, the crowds can build very quickly. Under “normal” conditions, I get a FPP for TT and hit Soarin’ right at RD, but being the first day with the new film I would do what you are doing. TT is not a “must-do” for me, so if the line is too long, I just skip it.

Because it is the first day for the new Soarin’, I would expect larger than normal crowds in EP that day, and if they announce the new Frozen attractions will also be opening, the crowds will likely be crazy. I would plan on getting to EP VERY early to be at the head of the RD crowd. Also, remember that your Soarin’ FPP window starts at 9:30, which means you have until 10:30 to get to the ride.

I would think most people will be heading right to Sorain that day. So I think if you head to TT immediately after RD, you’ll be in good shape. I’d have to bet that the TouringPlans system is not considering the grand reopening of Soarin in its calculations.