Test Track Wait Time at RD?

Crowd level 8 in August. Is the wait time at TT really going to be 30 min. at RD? Yikes! Planning to be at front of RD and walk with purpose there.
Is it better to do Soarin’ at RD and get the FP for TT. The tween plan said to do FP for Soarin’, but the adult plan gets it for TT, not sure the best way??
Is there a way to tell the TP that you will be at the front of RD?

I think you can go either way. A lot of people FP Soarin since you can do single rider line for TT. Others always FP TT since it shuts down in the rain ( you will get an anytime FP for that day in your email).

Ok thanks!
Is the wait at TT really going to be 30 min at RD like my TP says?

Yes it really will be at least 30 minutes. We were there on Monday June 22nd. We had a preR breakfast at Akershus. Left Akershus at about 8:57 am. Got to TT by about 9:02 am. Rope drop crowd had beat us there. Wait time posted at 50 minutes.

Rope drop TT and FPP Soarin. It worked great for us in November. Bolted straight to TT and waited in main que for 20 minutes. Got a great family ride picture. Then we did single rider line 2 more times. 3 rides in about 45 minutes. You can’t do that on Soarin.

The TP times are based on the average guest who makes RD but is not at the front of the line and walks normally to the attraction. Liners, who will be first at the tapstile and will walk with purpose to TT will see a much shorter wait. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback on this! I already have my FPP for Soarin’, so will probably just keep them, and cross fingers that it’s not a 30 min. wait at TT!

Any chance you are stay on property and it is morning emh’s?

30 minutes isn’t really that bad.

Get in the front left tap style line. That is closest to TT.

Good luck.

Single. Rider. Line. is your friend. :slight_smile:


We were there last week with a CL 7. EP was our sleep in day, had FP for Soarin, but playing it by ear for TT. Wait at 1:30 p.m. was posted 40, probably about 25 before you got to the design room. Totally manageable in our opinions. TT wait had gone down from arrival at about 11:30, when it was 50 min. We saw it at 35 minutes at about 7p.m., too.

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