Test track ride question

I had neck surgery last July and not sure if I am going to do TT or not in Aug
I am trying to get a feel for how ‘extreme’ test track is, from the stand point of fast acceleration or a lot of jerking around. For example, I know that I will not go on Rock’n Rollercoster, but I will go on 7dmt & probably btmnt.
Went 2 yrs ago, which was 6 years after a prior neck surgery and went on everything with no problems at all (spmnt, exp everest, etc.) - I am just being semi-cautious because it has only been a year.
I haven’t been on test track since 2010 so I really can’t remember enough to make a judgment

Hard to give advice on that one as each person and their conditions are different. My DW had brain surgery 2 years ago to remove a large rumor. We were skeptical of TT as well. What we did was search out POV Test track rides on You Tube. DW was able to watch multiple videos and made her determination based on that. She loved it BTW. No issues. We did the same for EE, and based on what she saw from the POV videos she opted to skip that one. She was heartbroken as EE was her favorite when we visited many years ago but felt it was for the best.

The indoor part of Test Track is a lot of stop and go - fast-ish stopping, and one very quick acceleration for one of the tests. I can do without the indoor part altogether. It just doesn’t add any fun, imo, and it’s pretty herky-jerky. Once you get outside and in the sun and go fast - it’s smooth and fun.

The indoor part tho - if you want to play it safe, watch a lot of youtube videos. I don’t get motion sickness at all, and I love rides, but TT indoor part is pretty herky-jerky imo.

I thought it was really jerky last year. I was glad DH didn’t ride.

Yes, the indoor portion is jerky, and you swerve and brake rapidly, so it’s not just stop and start with only front-back motion.

It is jerky. However just take an UBER ride from MCO and call it even

LOL - the safari has the caution about neck & back, but I the pot-holes where I live are a lot worse than that road :slight_smile:

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Frequent park visitor here. Two months ago I threw out my back on BTMRR. I could not walk more than 100 feet without excruciating pain. A month ago I went on it again (glutton for punishment but it’s my favorite ride), and could feel that I could throw it out again if I did not use my legs to hold myself strong. I felt good support and a smooth ride on 7DMT, and to me Rockin Rollercoaster is very smooth. The part that is harrowing for any passenger on Rockin’ is the end of the launch which can make you almost feel like you are going to blackout due to the heavy g force, but once you get past that it is smooth and floating the rest of the ride. I would NOT got on Test Track if I had any worries about my neck. It has many side to side and forward and back jerks, and for me the g-forces when you go very quickly to 65 mph are just a hair less than Rockin’. Back in April I went into the optometrist for a sharp pain in my left eye. The optometrist said I had a pinched nerve in my neck causing it. That evening I went on Rockin’. When I got off the eye was no longer hurting. Hanging upside down had provided some traction to release the nerve.

Five years ago my husband had heart surgery three weeks before a planned trip to Disneyland. He had a very serious discussion about what he should and shouldn’t do regarding the more active rides at DL. I really recommend you do the same if you can.

Gathering information from those who know the rides is a good idea, but you won’t know until you are actually on the ride, and it might all be fine, or you might end up hurting yourself. It’s really just hard to know until you get on that ride. I really thought 7DMT would hurt my back but it actually helped. I thought I could get back on BTMRR and it turned out to be a wrong choice, and I go on these rides a lot, so I have firsthand knowledge. Try to talk to your doc! Hope that helps.

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