Terrible service @ UndercoverTourist

< rant >
Trying to purchase online tickets at Undercover tourist, as recommended by many. My order is cancelled. Service is horrible.

A jerk called Laurent verified all my information over the phone, and I mean all - she asked what I was wearing when I opened the credit card I used. She proceeded to bark that I have to redo the order because something or other, and no, she is not going to help.

Fill out second order, while having no clue what I am doing wrong.
For the second order get an email that involves more calls and more filling out forms.

I am not buying the Disney Castle! Only a stupid ticket to see it!
< / rant >

The only time I ever had an issue was when I had a typo on my credit card zip code. They actually called me and fixed it on a Sunday.

Interesting. I have bought from them for years and have never had an issue. I hope you get it figured out.

Sorry to hear about your problems with UT - I have always found them to be quick and friendly.

I’ve used UT for years without any issues. I highly recommend them. BUT, I’ll admit I’ve never had to deal with them directly over the phone, only via the website. I’ve bought tickets for both Disney and Universal through them countless times.

Sorry your experience was less than ideal.

Can you try calling them back? You may have gotten someone who didn’t know what they were donig.

Or, like happened to me one time… you got a wrong number and a jerk on the other end who was stringing you along.

Yes, it really did happen to me… only after I got off the phone and phoned back to change a detail did I find out I hadn’t ever spoken to someone in that (doctor’s) office.

I bought mine in April for my July trip and had no problem whatsoever. I ordered online and then then called me shortly afterwards to confirm. After a confirmation e-mail, they sent me my ticket codes. Easy and saved me almost $200 over buying them from Disney. My customer service agent was good. Call them back.

I’ve done well with them buying tickets, but have definitely had a few questionable chat sessions - when asking specific questions about ticket expiration dates and some conflicting policy info on their site. The chat rep threw some info out that I didn’t think was right, they insisted it was and weren’t too friendly about it.

Turned out: the information I questioned wasn’t right.

Didn’t really affect anything with my transaction, but you’d think they’d have the right answer to simple ticket questions.