Teppen edo sharing

I was looking at teppan edo and it looks like a lot of fun. Im wondering if it is worth it tho, and also would I be able to share something with DS8? any input would be appreciated.

It is a lot of fun, especially if this is your first time doing Hibachi. And the food is very good!
Not sure if they let your share, though. Hopefully someone else can chime in for that.

It is fun, the food is very good, and if you don’t have a similar type of restaurant where you live, then I highly recommend it (I have 2 excellent teppanyaki restaurants in my home town, so I don’t go to Teppan Edo very often). As far as I know sharing is allowed at any TS in WDW, as long as it is not a buffet, but I can’t speak with authority specifically about TE.

Been to Teppan Edo many times. They cook the meal in front of you and about eight other guests. Each persons orders what they want from a select menu. Once everything is cooked and distributed, the cook could care less who in your party eats what. You only get so much. It is NOT a buffet. It is great fun and everyone has a good time. Not to be missed.


Great fun, excellent food. Never saw a problem with sharing.

DM and I shared sushi before our mains. Nobody took any notice. Really enjoyed the whole experience there.