Teppan Edo - Epcot

Is dinner at Teppan Edo in Epcot like an all-you-can-eat thing? Or does each person order a specific entree and they cook that?

(Using Ohana as an example, they cook a bunch of meat, shrimp, etc. and offer it to everyone at the table - is it similar at Teppan Edo?)

Each person orders a specific entree.

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Each person orders their own and it is all cooked on the teppan.

Each person orders an entree as the others have stated, but I just wanted to share, that this resturant was our families favorite for the whole holiday. Teen boys, couldn’t stop talking about this. This is the first thing they would tell family and friends about when asked about their first trip to Disney. So highly recommended, if you are looking for something cool for older kids, since they wouldn’t get excited about character dining.

The others have addressed the portion sizes, but I wanted to add, if you have a local japanese hibachi/steakhouse, visit there and use an ADR for something you can’t get at home. We may be blessed with a very delicious local place, but after our dinner at Teppen Edo, we were full and happy, but disappointed that ours at home was better.

Exactly my opinion of TE. It’s good, but I can get as good or better - cheaper - at home.