Tell me where to get the best cupcake

OK, very important question…where can I find the best cupcake in each park? My DS7 and I have made a challenge for our upcoming trip in June to eat “the” cupcake in each park. I somehow missed all the good desserts last trip and I will not let that happen again. I am working it into the TP this time. :grin:

I have watched so many DFB videos that I am overwhelmed. There’s just soo much I want to try! I also know that the cupcakes change seasonally but I’m hoping you all have some tried and true locations or even a hidden treasure. Bonus if it’s not a super crowded QS location.

At Epcot, I would recommend Sunshine Seasons (in the Land pavilion). They had the BEST PB&J cupcake when we were there at Christmas.


OMG!!! How did I miss this last year? Anything with PB is a must! Guess I know where I’m going this year. :slight_smile:

it may not be the best cupcake but i liked seeing inside the BOG castle for the cost of a cupcake and get on 7DMT without a fastpass and the Grey Stuff IS delicious!!!


I am a complete cupcake traditionalist. If I can find the chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting in the main street bakery, I always get that one (they have it at Christmastime as it’s a Santa hat, but I think I’ve found it at other times of the year too). And as silly as it sounds, I love the chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting and the oreos for Mickey ears at the Starbucks in Epcot. I get one every trip. Cupcake is moist and delicious and the frosting has the right amount of sweet for me (I like 'em sweet).

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Where can you find the butterfinger one?

That sounds so good. This looks like a must stop!

Sounds like I need to plan a trip during the holidays! :wink:

Monorail cupcake at Contempo Café, Contemporary Resort - cookies and cream frosting and that’s a white chocolate monorail sticking out the front. Best cupcake of the trip.


I was going to say that the best cupcakes I’ve had were from the Contempo Cafe @ Contemporary and from Roaring Fork @ WL.

Plus you can sit in the rocking chairs or comfy sofas in the hooks up above the WL lobby to eat them, with a coffee or beverage of choice.


That looks amazing!!

I don’t know what this tastes like but it’s very pretty! Purple potion cupcake at Contempo.

@hcerar the butterfinger cupcake went to Starbucks, but someone told me recently there are no cupcakes at HS anymore. I hope that’s wrong! That was so delicious.


I don’t know if they taste better than others, but I like to get the special star wars themed cupcakes at HS. I think I’ve had BB8, Darth Vader and maybe Chewbacca, but I’m not sure on that one.

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I’ve read a couple of blogs (including the Disney Food Blog) where they were raving on the Cinderella’s Castle cupcake that’s at the Main Street Bakery. I don’t know if it’s still there- but I’m hoping they have it through May. Or in your case, June!

I did see a photo of that one! I hope it’s there, too.

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