Tell me I will be happy...... :)

2 rooms/ 2 adults each for F/W weekend in Sept. Can get Swan for good price; I know the hotel has undergone some refurbishment. The location to Epcot…great. I just have a hard time leaving ‘the bubble’…won’t be in the room much. Planning on enjoying Jelly Rolls too and maybe some BlueZoo. Anyone stay recently at the Swan who can let me know how the rooms are?

Can’t comment on current room status, but if EP is you primary focus, you can’t beat the location/price. It’s so close to “the bubble” I wouldn’t let that worry you.

Tune the TV to the Disney Must Dos, or stream some Disney loops on your phone, and make your own bubble.

It is well within the bubble. Swan is NOT my favorite resort by far - however the location and sense of being - is nice. We had a hotel room that overlooked the lake and watched the friendship boats come in and out - it was so relaxing. I found the hotel itself to be ok. But the location was great. The nice thing is the proximity to the other hotels was great for transportation. We could take any number of buses back for parks depending on lines and which bus was there.

You may not be completly immeresed in the bubble. But will you be happy??? You will be at disney. That in and of itself will bring happiness.


You bring up a good point - it in the middle of the bubble but not the bubble. I would akin it to this. If I could stay at Yacht or SWAN I would stay Yacht. If I had to choose between ALL STARS and SWAN - I would stay SWAN.

@Tigger613 I had seen your previous review from a year ago…hoping that recent refurbs have improved things.

@butternutmomma Don’t let my review worry you at all. We had just come from Portafino - which is ranked the best hotel in Orlando - so everything would have been a let down. The room and resort itself were perfectly fine. I also very much enjoyed the view from our balcony. The room itself was nice. The service was poor though. The pool was fine - but once again having just come from the Portafino - it was not nearly as nice - but the kids loved it.

I think you will have a great time there