Tell Me I’m Wrong Part 2

One week at Sable Palms, 1200 sf, full kitchen, five- minute walk from World Center for $2,300 plus $150 theme park parking vs renting points for a DVC with the lowest being $4,800 and $5,400 ( three different websites).

I’d forfeit 30- minutes early entry to the parks and 30- day earlier booking assuming FP+ returns. Seems like a heck of a trade for $3,000.

BTW, we will be driving to the parks and still utilizing the touring plans as much as possible. Party of 5. 2 Adults, 2 Tweens, and a six-year old.


We always stay offsite. 3 kids and don’t want to be squished in a hotel room. It’s worth it to us for more space at less money. Not everyone feels that way, though. :wink:


Yeah, if you are on a budget and don’t care about the perks, offsite is the way to go! Don’t forget to factor in rental car and parking, assuming you wouldn’t need that if you were onsite (plausible, but some people rent one onsite anyway).

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We are driving in from Georgia and I don’t consider 7- nights and $5,000 for a room and tickets being on a budget :smiley:

I consider that saving $3,000 is another week’s vacation anywhere that isn’t Disney.:money_mouth_face:


We have a week in a 2 bedroom at Bonnet Creek-within WDW boundaries and next to CBR-for $655 in May.


Goodness. Teach me how…a resort or rental home/condo.

Btw…May is an awesome time to go…I’d do it again but my oldest will be in high school and m youngest elementary. My wife put the kabash (sp?) on pulling them from school.

That’s great to hear-we haven’t been in May before. Booked when kids were fully remote and noe they are hybrid but only back Thursday and Fridays in person, and the Friday we are gone is a high school day off, so they will only miss one day. Coming from the West coast so it’s a challenge ( but got four tickets for $600 total so couldn’t say no).

Re the rental- we only need four nights at Bonnet Creek as we have three booked in an AKV value-had some points to use I didn’t want to lose. We booked using vacation upgrades.com1he only had a seven day rental available but only charged us for four. Sweet deal!

We always stay off property in rental houses and we always make rope drop. And we stay til park close. We don’t spend much time at the house, it’s all about the parks.

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Booked. For those curious, we booked the Royal Sabal for April 2nd - April 9th for a tick under $2,300. Thanks to all who responded! That and six- days of tickets for five people still cheaper than the DVC by itself.

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