Tell me how it is...buses vs cars

We head to Orlando tomorrow. Traveling with a Grandma down to age 4, staying at ASM. Back before we changed our dates to go one day earlier I had booked a rental car. By the time we moved our arrival date rental car prices had exploded so I was not able to rebook for the correct dates. Still leaving the same day. How are buses really at this point? Have they gotten straightened out or are lines extremely long? I am most worried about 90 minutes before park open and within a couple hours of closing to closing time. Are we good with buses or should I go back to MCO the day after we arrive and collect my normal-priced rental?

We were at ASM earlier in the week. We had problems with buses, but they were specifically related to wheelchair accessibility.
They are trying hard to not have a repeat of that week. They have been bringing in lots of non Disney buses. The kind that have seats like the magical express. That was problematic for us bc they aren’t wc accessible. But waits seemed to be much lower bc of them.
You should also know that those non Disney buses aren’t distancing at all. They are filling all seats.

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As a local that drives to the parks, I find that I can still RD and do a fair amount of rides b4 official opening. Granted those that are staying at a Disney resort do get into the parks earlier but I’ve not been disappointed. @ninjasherrie isn’t the only one complaining about the buses.

We relied on Disney transportation during our recent spring break trip 3/19-3/27 staying at CSR and Pop. We made all the RD buses we planned to by getting to the stop early and when multiple stops at CSR were and issue, we went to the 1st stop (this was only necessary for HS RD). Coming back from the parks weren’t bad at all. Once or twice we waited 20 minutes but I felt the buses were well managed and consistent. From Pop we RD’ed AK and while there was a longer line for MK (but not the horrendous lines through the lobby I had heard about the previous week), they sent two of those double buses to Pop at RD and had everyone on and the line cleared in a few minutes. To me, I’d rather wait 20 minutes for a bus than deal with driving and parking. We did that in 2018 and that took a lot away from our vacation experience, in my opinion.

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I hear you, but parking is different w/ C-19. Less ppl, closer parking :wink: