Tell me everything we should do at Ft. Wilderness!

DH is currently in FL to do storm repair. He is likely getting shipped to the Bahamas for 2+ months in October, possibly making us reschedule our Dec trip or he may just miss part of it. So I am trying to talk him in to a weekend trip in 2 weeks! And bonus it’s right before DD2’s birthday so she is free too!

Here’s my general plan:
DH, me, DD5, DD2, DD7months @ Ft Wilderness cabin
Friday- fly in, relax, MNSSHP
Saturday- sleep in, brunch, explore Ft Wilderness, HDDR or do Trails End and the campfire?
Sunday- ??? fly out in evening

So what are your favorite things to do at Ft. Wilderness, especially with young kids?

We are in the main pool daily. Usually thins out after 5. Take the crew down to the boat ramp and watch the fireworks. During the day, take a boat to the Contemporary and wander around, maybe make a lap on the monorail. Campfire and nightly movies are easy, and it’s easy to leave if attention spans don’t last.

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