Tell me about VIP viewing for HEA

Where is the VIP viewing area for HEA at MK?

Are you asking about the dessert party area(s)?

I’m not sure, LOL. Is the only way to get VIP viewing for HEA with dessert party, or is there also just a VIP viewing area?

I believe that the only way to get a reserved area is through a dessert party but I may be wrong. There are two dessert party areas. There is a garden view area and the terrace.

There used to be a separate area for club level guests that paid for extra experiences, but that is no longer available.

OK thank you so much!

There’s a few options to access VIP viewing for HEA.

  1. Dessert Party (easiest)
  2. Book a VIP tour. And by that, I mean the 7-hr minimum with a plaid at $375-$650 an hour (or whatever it is right now)
  3. Know the right people who can make a phone call and arrange this. :wink:

Easiest and probably cheapest is the dessert party.

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