Tell me about burger accessories - I NEED pickles!

My non-adventurous DS will eat cheeseburgers (prefers McDonald or Wendy’s!) all day, but they are required to have ketchup, Mayo and extra picked - with a side of pickles.

Both DSs will eat chicken tenders or nuggets, provided there’s copious amounts of ketchup and honey mustard.

Will we be able to feel the saucy pickle love at Disney QS restaurants?

Oh, :unamused::pensive::relaxed:

I thought we were sharing weird burger choices

My grandson was all pickles and ketchup.

But at least MK had two burger places with fixings bars, in the before times. I don’t know about now. Cosmic Rays in Tomorrowland and Pecos Bills in Frontierland.

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A fixings bar would be great!