Tell be about Beach Club Villas

Want to rent point for a studio at the Beach Club Villas, does anyone have any opinions or helpful information about these villas? We have always been a monorail resort family, want to try the Epcot resorts and use this much talked about pool!! Looking for info about views, how far from lobby, balconies or no, and any recommendations for things to not miss at this resort!!!
Thank you!

We love BC, its our favorite. We have stayed in the villas, but more often at the main bldg. The villas are behind the main bldg, but closer to parking and if you are more south & west, pretty convenient to the marketplace and IG, not too far from Lobby. Bus stop is actually north of the lobby. BC is very twisty in layout. I didn’t find the views at the Villa exceptional, unfortunately you won’t see the boardwalk, but it’s not unpleasant. It’s a bit longer walk to the fabulous Stormalong bay pool, and there is a pool at the villas with table tennis, but it’s worth the walk to Stormalong bay - so fabulous! It’s definitely our favorite pool, by far! We really enjoy being able to walk into Epcot and walk to HS - or take the boat - but we mainly walk. We walk over to Epcot many evenings just to eat and experience stuff in the countries, before venturing on to whatever. The boardwalk has a fun vibe. I’d definitely recommend looking at the layouts and making a room request - you can walk a LOT at BC, and we often find it easier to walk outside of the buildings to wherever we are going.

Like wildboysmom we have stayed at the BC villas and main resort. They are pretty much the same except cost, we found that renting points was a little bit cheaper in our particular case. Otherwise wildboysmom covered the main points. The restaurants there are also great … Cape May and Beaches & Cream especially. The only negative we found was noise … put an extra towel by the door to keep hallway traffic noise out of our room at night. Like you, we prefer the monorail resorts, but you will enjoy your stay at the BC.

We enjoyed having a kitchen for breakfast and some dinners and the walk to Epcot is unbeatable! A few times, we would hit a park early morning, come back to BCV and rest and “make” dinner (frozen lasagna or pizza), then hit Epcot around 7. Epcot still has evening extra magic hours too and it was great to be there at night!

completely covered by above but wanted to second how much we loved Stormalong Bay and the walk to Epcot. One reason we get park hopper passes is to walk into there to eat anytime of day

I have also been very curious about the Beach Club Villas and based on all the feedback, I decided to try to rent points to stay there in June. I put my request in by the 11 month mark and was warned that recently it’s been very difficult to get a room there with rented points, but I decided to try anyway, hoping for the best. I’m still waiting but have a feeling that I may need to move on to plan B. It looks and sounds like a great resort.

BC has been our place of choice for years, but recently noticed that it is both more expensive and harder to get than previous years. :cry: I’m hoping the sky-ovens & CBR alleviate some of that pressure.