Teens and Kid's Entrees

We have a 13yo who is a really picky eater. We have a quick service dining plan and think we can find something he likes for most meals but we want to do one or two table services meals. We know we can get away with chicken tenders / chicken strips. We’ve found a couple table service restaurants (like Yak & Yeti and Be Our Guest) that have these items on the kid’s meal but not the adult meal. Kid’s entrees are listed for 9 and under. Is there any flexibility in getting anyone older than 9 to get something from the kid’s entree? We are happy to pay adult prices and get uncharged, that is fine. Can we get items from that menu for our 13yo? If not, does everyone at a table service meal have to order something? If we can’t, can we get him a quick service item before and then everyone but him eats at the table service? This is our first trip and our window to make dining reservations opens in two weeks so we’d like to know what to expect. Thanks!

Are you tied to having a dining plan?

I don’t know if you can cancel it before a trip - but I will say that I (an adult) ate several kids meals on our trip without problems (except at prix fixe TS), but this was before the dining plan. It was super easy to mobile order kids meals.


I think this is what you do at the fixed price restaurants and buffets. Order the kids meal choice but pay adult price. The expectation is that everyone at the table orders.

At the a La carte places, I see less of an issue, if there isn’t an adult equivalent of the kids menu choice then just order the kids menu. Especially if you are nice about it.


At prix fixe (BOG), you will pay for him whether he eats or not. They should be able to give you a kids meal at an adult price, but they will charge you for the butt in the seat regardless.