Teen lounge age requirements?

Does anyone know how strictly they enforce the age requirements for the teen clubs? I have two DS one who would be 14 at time of trip and the other 13 and 11 months (and probably more mature than his older brother). It would stink if he was not allowed to join his brother and cousin in the teen lounge and be forced to stay with either mom and dad or the other “little kids” because he missed the cut off by one month.

The final decision is up to the staff but typically, they are hard core about age limits. Too many times parents want younger siblings in with older but the other older kids don’t want the youngster tagging along. One month difference, than two months, just six months…etc. Just check on board. Also, the older groups have less supervision and the staff won’t be keeping an eye on the youngster.

I figured they would rigidly stick to their age requirements and I am ok with following rules (once you let a one month slide, someone will ask about two months and so on). So we will probably wait another year so they both can enjoy the teen lounge together.

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Sailing in two weeks and hoping that they relax the rules for DS who will be turning 14 within 1 week of sailing. Since it’s only him and DD on the cruise, I want them to be together, especially for the teen beach.


In our experience, staff was very accommodating to allow our kids to stay together. Our 11 year old was fine to go to the Edge with his 13 year old sister. Actually, the 13 year old was able to hang out in the Vibe without any problem at all. Just check with staff when you board. They typically do their best to make it a great experience.

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Reply may be too late, but we just returned from 4 day cruise on Dream. We had a DD of 16 and twin DDs who were 2 weeks away from their 14th birthday. There was no problem with them all going to Vibe. (I had checked this when booking and was told that usually show flexibility if within 3 months of the age limits)

Thank you! I figured they would gave us a little bit of leeway.