Technical difficulty with AK touring plan

I’m working on a touring plan for AK, and it is giving me N/A for my last two attractions of the day: Maharajah Jungle Trek and Kali River Rapids. This day previously had a 5:00 close time but now has an 8:00 closing. I’m wondering if this is the issue, as we would be arriving to the Jungle Trek at approx. 5:00.

Any help? Thanks!

Which day? I can try to make a TP with a jungle trek at 5 if you’d like

Thursday Oct. 16th. Thanks!!

Getting weird results too. Same day. Same park. Same timing. Showing 2 day long wait times. Maybe email touring plans with a link to your plan?

Ok, thanks for trying :slight_smile: I’ll email them!

Figure it out?

Yep. I’m hitting this, too, for October 15. Can you post back on here if it gets resolved?

I also have this issue

Interesting. I emailed the webmaster but haven’t heard back yet, but I will come back and let you know if I do!

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FYI, my plan is working now! I didn’t get a response email, but I went in and Evaluated again today and it is now working properly :smile:

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Great news! Mine is working, too.

When this happens, it usually means that we’ve updated park hours, and the predictions haven’t finished running for the wait times.

Thanks to everyone who helped with this thread!

Thanks Len for the update! One more question - I just made my fast passes and the Finding Nemo time option was 3:30. On my touring plan for that day I believe it listed a 3:00 time. Anyway to confirm that and update the plan? Because now I’m not sure if the rest of my day will work…

Thank you! I’m loving this site - it made scheduling my FP so easy :slight_smile:

Show is at 3. Just tried and was able to enter a 3pm FPP for Nemo. FYI

My AK plan for 9/29 isn’t working either. Keeps defaulting to 7:00 pm closing time, but DW website is saying 5:00 close. And It’s Tough to be a Bug will be closed? Can I find confirmation of this anywhere?

Just did a AK plan on my Iphone for 9/29. Knew the park closes at 5pm that day. 5pm also on the TP crowd cal. Bug is closed now until 9/27 according to TP: Disney World Refurbishment Schedule Doing work around the tree related to Rivers of Life.

Can you edit dates and times to reflect a 5pm close?

Thanks! I was on my computer. Will try again. It started with the correct time, but then when I created the plan it changed it to 7:00. So I edited it back to 5:00 and launched it again. Back to 7:00. Will keep trying. Usually it’s the phone that has the issue. :smile:

We’re verifying the park hours now.

Hmm, I guess the Fastpass time is for 30 mins prior to the show then, is that right? There is also a 2:30 FP, I guess that’s the one I need for the 3:00 show. I didn’t think clearly when doing this at midnight last night! Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Sounds reasonable. That way ppl don’t show up at 3. Betting 15-30 is fine. Usually FPP not needed for AK shows btw