Tech Question: Can't edit family members in My Disney Experience

So, has anyone else run into this? I can see all my family and friends listed, and I can click on the edit button, and I can choose what to edit (birthday, character, etc.), and I can then click on the Done button, but when I return to the list of my family and friends, nothing has saved and nothing has changed.

I’ve tried Chrome and Firefox in Windows 10, and Chrome and Firefox in Windows XP on an entirely different computer, and nothing - nothing saves . . . tried googling the issue with no results that seemed helpful.

I have the Internet Help number at Disney (407-939-7765). That’s where a Disney chat session lead me, but before I call them, I wanted to see if anyone else has had the same issue.

Edited to add: Ok . . . even weirder. I can edit everyone’s info except my husband and son’s . . . I think it must have something to do with the fact that they were already listed when I set up this reservation . . . Grrrrr. Will have to call Disney tomorrow and figure out what’s messed up.

I had trouble editing birthdays for my family members in the MDE iphone app… it would grey out the birthday options on the date scrolling thing and if I chose their birthday, it would automatically scroll back to the current date when I would lift my finget to hit “done.” The way I got them to save on the app was to hold the date steady on the scroll with one finger and then hit done with another finger at the same time. That worked. I ended up sending a Feedback note on the app letting them know about this crazy bug.

Thanks! That sounds frustrating, too.

However, with a bit more research, what it sounds like is that I should have set-up My Disney Experience BEFORE booking my reservation. I ended up with duplicate names for my husband and son, and it seems like that ended up messing up my ability to edit their accounts, even though the accounts currently showing have all of their correct current trip info . . .

So, now I have to call Disney Reservations and see if they can fix it. From what I’ve read online, it’s not a simple process either.

Sigh. I’ll update when it’s over to let everyone know for sure if that’s what it is (can’t call until out of work late tonight), and how difficult/easy the process really is to get My Disney Experience corrected.

It will be worth it. It will be worth it. :wink:

don’t call Disney Reservations. Call Tech Support (407) 939-7765.

also, they are VERY familiar with merging duplicate accounts. It won’t be painless, but it’s not unfamiliar.

Thanks! I deleted the old dup accounts that had no reservations, but apparently that still messed up the current accounts and made them un-editable.

Thanks for the Tech Support #. I’ll call there first when I get home tonight.

Having the same problem @korenclark!! Please let me know what you find out. I’d really really like to delete my dead aunt from my friends list!! It would give new meaning to Haunted Mansion if she travelled with me again… :wink:


I had very good results when I called Tech Support. I was having trouble making FPP for my DH and they fixed everything.

It was easier than I anticipated. Yay!

The CM couldn’t tell me for sure that it was the dup accounts that caused it or not, but she ended up creating new accounts for both my husband and son, merging them with the old accounts, and that did the trick. All the reservations/tickets appear correct and I can now edit their information.

I waited about 10 minutes to speak to someone @ 8:30 pm, and the fix took about 10 minutes for the CM to figure out and correct.

Quicha - I think if you click on the edit button next to your aunt’s name in your MDE list of family & friends, you can then scroll down to the bottom of her info, and there should be a Delete or Remove button. If there’s not, you may have to call.

Thanks to all for the help!

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willijen - I just noticed your icon! As a Disney-loving librarian, I love it! :heart_eyes:

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Librarians, Unite!

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