Tech Q - children listed as adults

Just looking at my ADRs, most say (correctly) 2 adults, 2 children; however,a handful list as 4 adults (even with my DD ages 6 & 9 showing in the MDE list). Do I just ignore or do I have to call? Doesn’t seem to want to modify online. Thx!

The same happened to me on our last trip and there were no issues.
If I remember correctly, for the ADR that said ‘4 adults’, I could still see that the 2 adults and 2 kids in my party were listed as the guests on the ADR.

Regardless, it shouldn’t be an issue - they count kids (even under 2’s) as a person on the reservation because they take up a seat even though they might not be ordering their own meal.

I figured it was prob a non-issue, just wanted to check, thx!