Tech Help - Urgent


I’m trying to purchase Memory Maker on the website. I got through the checkout and clicked Purchase. I am on the “Please wait while we complete your request” screen and have been waiting for almost 10 minutes. Is it going to time out? I can’t leave it running much longer but I’m not sure what to do.

If it were me, at first I would just leave that browser tab alone, then open a new tab and go to my plans on the Disney site and see if MM is showing up there.

You could also take a peek at your plans in the MDE app. (I’m not sure where it shows up there, haven’t purchased it myself.)

If not showing up, I would just call - I’m sure they’ll be able to sort it out. Many reports that the Disney web site is all kinds of crazy the last few weeks.


It does not seem to have gone through. Wondering what will happen if I close the tab. I have to go out in a few minutes!

Disney will fix it for you. It will just require a phone call. I would close and try incognito and order again. If you get charged twice insist on a refund due to their crappy website!


I don’t think closing the tab will change anything after a long wait -

Thanks @JJT and @AuntB_luvsDisney

I ended up closing the tab. I assume the purchase didn’t go through but we’ll see what happens when I try again!

Are you seeing payment on your card?

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I ended up calling Disney and getting one of their tech support people to talk me through it. I think the problem this morning was that I didn’t enter a phone number and instead of telling me there was an error it just kept trying to complete the purchase. Unfortunately this afternoon Chrome kept trying to autofill my password in place of my credit card number. So I had to open an incognito window to be able to put in my credit card. Very frustrating! :rage: