Tech challenged questions on using smart phone?

what are the steps to download our touring plans from my laptop to the lines app (step by step instructions would help here please). can we enter the star wars area and get in line for smugglers run without a boarding pass?? What are the exact steps to get a boarding pass for rise of the resistance?? Thanks!

If you have the lines app and you are logged in, your plans will be on the homepage.

You don’t need a boarding group for Smuggler’s Run. That is now using Fastpasses and stand-by like every other ride bar RotR.

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There are step by step instructions to getting a boarding group in another thread, which I’ll find and post unless someone beats me to it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It hides in the DL forum

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Was just about to post a link. :joy:


Have android phone and will be at WDW. What app do I go to to get a boarding pass for RoR?

My Disney Experience. It’s right on the first page.

Thanks all, very helpful! Thinking the only time I need “my disney experience” app is to get a boarding pass at DHS, true?? Otherwise, the lines app will be the most useful app to check line times and update tour plans, true? We will be at WDW next week, and hope to be fast enough to get a RoR ride!

You can mobile order from QS restaurants on the app, get directions, find restrooms, book extra FPs or TS restaurants, there is a lot on it. Plus bus times from your resort, checking your use of dining credits and/or room charges. I only personally use the Lines app for timing waits. I print my plans.


Also any changes to your FPs, maybe a ride goes down and they issue an anytime FP.

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