Tea at Grand Floridian

I was thinking of making a tea reservation for myself and DD (10). I know there is afternoon tea at GF, as well as the princess tea but they are different somehow (and in price, lol). Anyone have experience with either or both? Would a 10 year old get anything more out of the princess one than she would the regular tea? They’re both in the tea room at GF, correct? I still haven’t found exact pricing info for princess one, looking now…Thanks! :blush:

Hello…I have done both at GF, though it’s been a few years. I remember loving the regular afternoon tea. We did the princess tea with my niece who was 4 at the time. Most of the girls were younger; I’m not sure a 10-year old would like it as much, but it may have changed. At the time the girls were all given a fancy doll too.