I will need to take a taxi at least 4 separate times while at the World. I hear Mears is the company to use. Does anyone know if they have credit card readers in their cabs or do I need to bring cash?

They all have credit card readers, yes.

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Yay, that’s helpful. Have you used them? They have an app where you can schedule pick ups, do you think I would need to schedule them? Or are they easy to find/get when your there?

Whenever I need one, I just stop by the hotel concierge desk or the valet pickup and say that I need a taxi. The most I’ve had to wait is about 15 minutes. If you’re staying at a hotel, you can also call down to the front desk and have them call for a taxi, so usually by the time you get down there, it is only a couple minutes before one shows up. I’ve never had to use the app.

GREAT! Thank you for that tip. That makes it easy.

Yes to all of the above! I had the app but never used it- they’re usually waiting.