Taxi transportation to IOA?

Hello. We will be doing a ONE DAY tour of Wizarding World in both parks in early Sept, but we will be staying off site (at Wilderness Lodge). We weren’t planning on renting a car. My question is whether anyone had advice about taking a taxi to IOA in time for rope drop – When should I leave Wilderness Lodge? Should I use Uber (never have before)? Where will a taxi drop us off at IOA? Should we just rent a car if this is too much of a hassel (with a taxi we are spared having to park)? Thanks for any advice!

I’m going to try uber, I’m staying at holiday inn Dtd. If you have the uber app you may be able to put in the trip to see how long it will take and what the cost will be

Taxi drop off point is about a 5 minute walk to parks. Remember to factor in bag check time. If IOA is only park with EPA then USF will open 30 mins before posted opening times Allowing you to ride Minions before official opening time

Thank you both for your thoughts. It’s very helpful. I notice the blog just ran a piece about using Uber …

Uber is definitely better than taxi for WDW to UOR. Try to arrive at least 45-60 min before the park opens!


ill be honest the scary part is I don’t know much about Uber, our state government has not allowed uber to operate for multiple reasons other than as a luxury hire car. So im a bit nervous about travelling with someone I don’t know in a country I don’t know but I guess I have to travel with someone

Well, you don’t know your taxi driver either, and all my Uber experiences in Orlando have been much safer, friendlier, and cleaner than taxis. Uber isn’t banned in some places because of danger, it’s banned because taxi monopolies like Mears give huge donations to local politicians. I say try it, you’ll never go back!