Taxi or Uber from Beach Club to MK

Can anyone tell me how feasible it is to get a taxi or Uber from Beach Club to MK. I really want to stay at Beach Club for the pool. I have a painful medical condition and I know we will be at the resort sometimes. I also know we will want to visit MK more than other parks. Given my issues I am wondering if we should just stay in the MK area or if a cab would alleviate my concerns about the buses. And can I get a cab back to the hotel?

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I have taken a taxi to MK from BC. They can’t drop you off at MK where the bus drop off is, but if you tell them you are going there and ask them to drop you off at Contemporary they will do it. It is about a 5 minute walk to MK from there. They could also drop you off at TTC and you could monorail or take the boat over to MK.

Both those options sound great and very workable. I assume, then, that if we head to the Contemporary at the end of our day at MK, we can get a cab from there just as easily??? I hope so. The "where to stay’ thing has been driving me crazy. I’ve been fixated on the Beach Club ever since I first hear about the pool and the theme but I keep wondering if it is really the right stay for this trip. It will be me, my husband and son who is turning 9. My son’s first Disney trip.

we ubered every day from BC to MK with 7 am RD and had no problems. No wait for busses was great!!! cost $8 and worth every penny. Make sure to have app on phone prior to arrival as wifi would not load on mine (husband had on phone already)

Beach Club is amazing!! It is a beautiful resort and the pool is great! It is a quick walk to Epcot and the boats to HS are nice.
I am sure you will be able to get a cab or Uber from Contemporary. We got one when we left California Grill dinner with no problem.

Beach club is beautiful and centrally located - not knowing what your condition is and how it impedes you - it is hard to tell you what hotel to stay at. I assume it has something to do with mobility. I would however suggest that if you are doing MK significantly more than any other park - I would suggest Contemporary, GF, Poly or even Wilderness Lodge. Any of your choices are great. I think it really comes down to what is the delta between taking the bus and taking Uber and is the cost worth it. Personally - I hate taking the buses but it is a preference thing as compared to a medical concern issue. As a thought - you can always split your stay as well. WDW does a great job of transferring bags. You can stay at MK for part of your stay and then go to Beach club. Best

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Thanks. I’m also considering Polynesian. I’m not even sure whether I want to rent someome’s timeshare points or book a regular room. It appears that many Poly timeshare rooms are near the outskirts of the property and are far from the pool and lobby but may be very close to the TTC. Can anyone confirm that for me? I’d likely get a studio as there are only 2 adults and one child.

the rental agency can give you a better idea of exactly where things are - I THINK they have their own pool - but if you want the main pool - I think you would need to walk