Taxi or car service if needing booster seats?

I am trying to figure out if I should book a limo or just use a taxi during our trip in May for a 4 and 6 year old that will both need booster seats.

I am booked on the Magical Express for a flight that gets in at 4PM and I made a reservation for Whispering Canyon at 5:20 for dinner. I know it is cutting it close, so I was considering letting the bus take our luggage while we take other transportation to WL.

The next day I booked BBB at DD in the morning and planned a tour at HS in the afternoon. To make sure we do not miss our BBB appointment and maximize our time at HS I would also like to take direct transportation.

I had considered getting the inflatable seats or the (very expensive) jackets, but would rather not have to drag anything extra around.

Would the taxis have two booster seats available? Or would it be worth the extra cost to schedule a service and plan it ahead of time?

If I did schedule it, which car service should i use? I have been looking at recommendations, but they seem to hit or miss.

DME will not take your luggage if you aren’t riding on the bus. Also you’ll be arriving at rush hour so that adr is gonna be tough even with a car service.

Good point about the traffic. Didn’t think of that. It is on a Saturday, do you think that helps any?

I thought I read somewhere (I’m starting to lose my mind from all the info) that DME will take your luggage even if you do not ride.

I should probably cancel my reservation as it would probably be a low chance of making it on time.

Thanks for the info!

Can you move it to a later time? If nothing is open just keep checking.

As far as I am aware they will not do that. What people often do is have one person (who is not interested in the ADR or activity) ride the bus along with the luggage while everyone else takes the taxi/limo/rental car.

Also, as you are looking at three taxi/limo trips, you might be bettor off renting a car - check out daily, and keep rebooking every time you get a better rate. You could bring your own booster seats (they can be gate checked at the airport) and leave them in the car for the duration of the trip.

@Outer1 - I think I am just going to cancel it and do quick service and move it to our last day.

@brklinck - I am going to look at the car rental thing again and I will look at the site to recommended.

Thanks again for the feedback!

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