Tate's Plans - which park MK/EP to visit on Sunday during the Starwars half marathon, help please?

Hello, I’m not sure whether to do MK or EP on the half marathon day.
Q1 I know spectators are let into Main Street, are they then chucked out again afterward?

Our first day at WDW, Friday, will be AK in the afternoon and then dinner at Corral reef or Teppan edo, we are staying at the BC.
Q2 Should we do MK on the Sat or Sun? the other will be at EP
Sat MK opens at 9am, with the 10K Starwars run
Q3 will rope drop probably move to 8am, or will they definitely keep it at 9am to make sure the last runners are through?
Sun MK EMH at 8am with the half marathon, runners should have cleared MK by 8am, but are likely to still be running through EP at park opening. On our EP day we want to do the food booths at lunch time.
Q4 Will EP be horrendous on Sunday?
We would like to see the runners and spend 10 mins cheering them on, but don’t want to majorly inconvenienced, don’t mind allowing an extra 30 mins for travel to MK.

Q5 Raglan Rd, Am I right in thinking that sets start on the hour, last about 30 mins, and they invite the kids up during every show?

Q6 Is HEA the best fireworks show at WDW?

Q7 I’d like to see HEA but DH isn’t interested. Family aren’t keen on Cali Grill but I know they’d love to go back to Ohana, we could do that instead of Cape May? Or I could keep Tuesday night free when EP had evening EMH and watch from the TTC, what would you recommend?

The issue with the marathon is you need to see what roads will be closed. Is it ending in MK? If it is, traveling to the park could be delayed. Q5, every time I save been there between 5-7 They have invited kids up. I saw the end of the dancers/regular entertainment a few weeks back and there were no kids, but it was after 9:30. Q6- for me it is. I also think it should be seen in the hub so you can see the castle during the show.

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Thanks @PrincipalTinker I think both races finish in the EP parking lot,

Q8 Should Jellyrolls be avoided on Sat/Sun? Happy to arrive at 8pm to secure a table.

Here’s one runner’s thoughts. Though I have not specifically done the Star Wars race weekend, most of the standard info should probably apply. More information will be available when they release the “official” course maps for the year - but most of this should still apply.

Yes. Spectators on Main Street are not ticketed guests, and security will clear the park as they clean up the course behind the final runners.

That’s entirely up to you. The 10K starts in the MK parking lot, and finishes at EPCOT. the straightest route from the TTC to EPCOT is nearly 4 miles - I would be surprised to see the course run through the Magic Kingdom.

Again, I would be surprised to see the course run through MK, given the distances involved, however, given the 5:30 start, even the last corral going off at 6 would have MK cleared well before 8. No good guess, TBH.

No. runDisney requires runners to maintain a 16-minute-per-mile pace, which allows 3.5 hours from the start of the final corral, which is likely to be between 6:30 and 7 AM.
Any race course that park guests need to cross will have “crosswalks” available that are controlled by Cast Members, but there will be no pathways closed off completely. By the time WS opens at 11, the race course will be picked up, the majority of the runners will be long gone to clean up and make their park plans for the day - which could be at any one of the parks. In fact, I suspect that many may do HS because they want to get pictures with their Star Wars medals with Star Wars characters. That’s just a guess, though.

I wouldn’t say so, no. But that’s entirely subjective.

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Here are the course maps from 2018, showing nothing to worry about for MK. Though the 2019 maps could always be different.

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That’s brilliant @MouseGirl42

It makes sense to do EP on the Sunday, just means we lose EMH hour at MK