Tate's Plan - Update after ADR day, and a few more questions


Hi everyone, well my plans have changed a bit in the last month, or more a case of switching a few days over. We have friends in WDW at the same time and it can hard making plans that fit nicely into both schedules. Coral reef has bumped Trattoria de forna (can’t spell) off the list, I have a great Italian within walking distance at home but Coral reef is the only place I have ever eaten with a view of sharks and Rays. 50’s has also fallen off the list in favour of Raglan Rd, basically because I love Irish music, and having an ADR will make Disney Springs a definite in our plans. Cali Grill didn’t make the cut, I gave DD9 and DH the choice between that or Biergarten, and they both went for the latter.

1 At Raglan Road do the kids get the opportunity to dance during every show?
2 We are staying at Universal for 6 nights before coming to WDW, we’ll arrive late, so it’s 5 days, and we have 4 days of tickets. Plan is day 1 Universal, day 2 Discovery Cove, day 3 Universal, day 4 Seaworld, day 5 Universal
I’ve chosen day 2 for DC as it’s an early start which will be easy for us at the beginning of the week, would you do things differently?
3 I’m thinking we’ll use our 4th day after Seaworld, or do you think we should save it for departure day? Plan is to spend the afternoon at AK and then dinner in EP.
4 Is there much street entertainment in Citiwalk? Is it a destination in itself like Disney Springs?
5 Last trip we mainly had lunch ADR’s which worked perfectly for us, this time it’s mainly dinners, which I find a bit worrying, however we should be used to the time difference and 5 of them are in Epcot or the Beach Club, so all within walkable distance. Tell me it’s fine please.

Wish I could have a real-time normal conversation with you guys, it takes so long to write everything out, though the process can help clarify things in my mind.


Your plans sound great. D.C. is relaxing, despite the early start.


I like your plan.

But I can’t tell you it will be fine. That’s not right.

It’s going to be AMAZING!


Thanks @Twynyrodyn and @OBNurseNH

On my MK EMH morning I’m trying to fit in an 11am lunch at BOG, but it means going against my own advice of doing FPP as fast as possible and trying to get more. Last trip I was always careful to schedule coasters before eating, this time that might not be the case, is this a bad decision. Would you do BTMR and Splash straight after lunch?


This sounds like an incredible trip!


My ADR window never opened on my laptop, fortunately, it worked on my phone. I called Disney and they couldn’t sort it out, and sent a ticket to IT who still hadn’t sorted it 8 days later. I’m worried I’ll have the same problem at FPP time, and that would be really horrible.

Sometimes when I think about how much next years holiday will cost, I have a few pangs of doubt, but it is more the deluxe level of holiday we only do every 10 years.


I wouldn’t worry about timing of “coasters” as pertaining to meals, but I don’t really think of WDW coasters as coasters (except EE). Things like Star Tours are worse for me.


Yes, I think you will be fine. They are not stomach churning.


Thanks @OBNurseNH & @Welsh_Dragon


You’re welcome :blush: